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About RefiningMe

Hello. My name is Joya Coleman, owner of RefiningMe store. This online store was birthed during my own period of spiritual growth and refinement. And let it be known, like most of you, I am still going through that same period but, only by the grace of The Most High. This is the very essence of the message that the products of RefiningMe store convey.


During the concept and design creation process, it was very important to me to bring attention to and capture the simplicity of a particular message. A t-shirt can say a lot in just a few words so, the message of RefiningMe had to be one of righteousness, hope, conviction, and love. I am thankful to The Most High Yah (God as some call him) for his abundant grace and mercy, for allowing me to share the message of His hope and His love through this online store. I am forever grateful to Him for this assignment.


Each message that you see printed on a piece of apparel or an accessory, is personal. So…I hope that you will take the message of RefiningMe and make it your own. And most of all, I hope that the message here inspires you to both seek and walk in your own period of spiritual growth and refinement in and through The Most High.


Thank you for your support!


African-American woman with glasses wearing a sweatshirt on the street - back view_Origina
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