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About RefiningMe

Hello. My name is Joya Coleman, owner of Refining...Me store. A little bit about me, in order of importance: I am a follower of The Most High, a mother of two wonderful young adult sons, an accounting professional by day, and a developing entrepreneur by night. This online store was birthed during a personal period of spiritual growth and refinement. And let it be known, I am still going through that period of spiritual growth and refinement. To those of you who can relate, you know that it is truly a process, and one that will continue until the very end!


Like some of you, I come from a very rocky and sinful past. I have more failures on my record than accomplishments and even my accomplishments are 'filthy rags'. Some might even ask, 'what right do you have to operate an online store that sells faith-based, YAH (God) inspired products'?! Well, my response to that is, in NO way do I deserve being able to do this but, thanks to YAH's abundant grace and mercy, through all of my mess, I am still standing and he has enabled me to share the message of His hope through this online store. I am forever grateful to Him for this assignment.


Religion has always been common place in my life but, not a true relationship with The Most High. So this store, believe it or not, is part of my spiritual journey in coming to walk closer with Him and into the full knowledge of His Truth. Each message that you see printed on a piece of apparel or accessory, is personal; a word spoken to either correct or effect/affect change in me, to remind me of YAH's hope, or to simply bring knowledge and understanding of His commandments so that I can continually apply His Wisdom to my life. 


So…I hope that you will take the message of Refining...Me and make it your own. And most of all, I hope that the messages inspire you to both seek and walk in your own period of refinement. Thank you for your support!


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